Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Iams: Not Lover of Animals

One of the most famous pet foods that we all know is Iams. People buy Iams dog or cat for for their pets all the time. I bet most of my readers might have bought a bag of Iams for their pet at least once before. What you didn't know is that Iams contributes to horrible animal cruelty in their laboratories. For a company that prides itself to be a product aimed toward the satisfaction of pets, they really have no heart.

Here are just some of the things that Iams does in their lavatories:

-Iams ignores the pain and suffering experience by their dogs and cats in their lab.
-Iams does not provide veterinary care for any of their animals.
-They do not ensure that the people who perform experiments on the animals are even trained.
-The animals’ cages are horrible kept up. They do not give cats’ letterboxes or a resting surface. They keep the animal cages dirty and not in good shape. The dogs and cats stand on slanted, sharp, slabs of metal which sometimes can be a trap to them. Many of the legs of these animals get stuck between these slabs and cut them deep.
-The temperatures in the housing facilities are not maintained. In the heat of summer, the animals are subjected to be extremely hot in a humid room, or in the winter they freeze in metal cages with not even a blanket to lie on.
-The animals don’t even have enough space. Many of the dogs run around yelping trying to get out. Some even become crazy. They are crammed into a small cage to stay there up to weeks until they are needed for a painful experiment.
-Iams does not provide pain relief when the animals are used in experiments.

Iams has also been known to slit the vocal cords of dogs. The dogs in their cages bark so much because of either pain or loneliness and some of the workers cannot stand it. They have slit the throats of dogs cutting their vocal cords, just do they cannot bark anymore.

If a dog or cat gets sick, Iams does not provide them with treatment from a veterinarian, instead it is killed and gets ripped apart so its pieces can be sold to other companies for experiments.

On February 20, 2007, Iams found out that some of its dry dog and cat food might of been poisonous. Iams did not tell the public about this, and instead lead to the death of many pets in people’s homes. Iams waited a whole months before actually recalling the mass amount of pet food. But sadly, many homes lost their pets during that month because Iams didn't care enough for the health of the animals they sold to. After this they locked up animals in their cages and deliberately forced healthy animals to eat contaminated and lethal food to test what was wrong killing them slowly and painfully.

Iams has also been known to cut the chunks of muscle from dogs' thighs and hanging mice by their hind legs for muscle-atrophy experiments.

In June 2002, Iams promised that it would “not contract for, nor conduct, any study involving surgeries to create or mimic diseases …; nor would the company use non-surgical methods to induce or simulate diseases that are not acceptable in nutritional or medical research on humans; nor would the company fund any university positions that may be involved in such activities for the study of cat and dog nutrition.” But sadly, Iams LIED.

In the University of Mississippi Medical Center, Iams had been involved with an experiment from November 2002 through October 2005 conducted by Dr. Roger B. Johnson. This experiment involves inducing gingivitis in 21 beagles by cutting their gums open. Gingivitis is a painful disease for dogs, and yet they purposely gave this disease to 21 poor beagles after they stated they never would.

To make things worse, Dr. Johnson stated in item 19 of his "Animal Activity Protocol" said that "at the end of the experiments, the animals will be sold and transferred to another research facility.” This is what Iams does. They keep their animals creamed in cages conducting painful tests on them for years, and then they send them straight out to other testing laboratories rather to a loving home. Iams has never revealed the location of the other "research facility".

What Iams could do is instead of breeding these animals and subjecting them to a life in a libratory, they could rely on humane feeding test conducted in homes or in veterinary offices using animals volunteered by their owner.

For about 10 months a PETA investigator went undercover at an Iams testing laboratory in 2002 and early 2003. What this investigator found were dogs that have gone crazy from the intense confinement in steel cages and cement cells. Dogs were left in piles on a filthy paint-chipped floor after having chunks of their muscles hacked from their thighs. Also dogs were surgically debarked and sick cats and dogs were left in their cages to suffer with no veterinary care.

Here is this exact footage that this PETA investigator shot. It is quite lengthy, about 9 min I believe, but it is something I believe you will want to watch. If you don’t watch the whole video, at least skim through the different scenes because there are some things you won’t want to miss.

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